About I&I

This is I&I. Notice the guitars and the yellow fabric glued to the mic. The original fabric wore to shreds. "To shreds I say!"

Pollomoolokki Neofetchpollopaints


Hello everyone, I'm Pollomoolokki! My GPG key I like to collect #42/#42 opensea/tezos mints.

Owner of landsharknft #4


I'm a student of information technology. Degree in Automotive and Transportation Engineering . Linux user for ~5 years, daily linux user for ~3 years. I love to nerd it out and I've been studying (as a hobby) blockchains and cryptocurrencies for ~4 years as they so nicely coincide :D I was intrigued and agreed with what the bitcoin whitepaper said when I decided to read upon the subject a bit more

I like to develop my skills further everyday with lifelong learning in mind.


I like to paint, photograph and digitally edit things. I have started my painting journey with watercolors. Some of my paintings have been inspired by photographs that I took from places/things that I thought really beautiful. Most of my edited pictures have been made from my paintings.


I also love to write and I've had the most fun thinking about the paintings and their backstories. But in my heart I'm an academic and in my head an engineer. It is exactly why I have started writing about security on my "important stuff" tab. Even though I enjoy writing stories (I have not written any real stories), I want to use my time to write about real stuff. Important stuff. I think security is the most important. I have started the writing process by reading... 🤓😀 I have listed some references, the topmost two relates the most to security and are most unknown to me.

Lifelong learning is one of the driving force for me and the website came to be because of it. I was amazed how buying a domain can be an NFT on the blockchain and it all just magically works... I have to host my website on IPFS but that's nothing. I could run my own IPFS 'node'... I'd just need a rasberry pi (I might have to think about buying one) Also I must say that writing this website has helped me grasp version control a little bit more. All of this website (the html5&css source) is on github and the license is the most permissive... Which means you could fork the code and make your own website! It requires some knowledge (Just a wee bit of html5&css) but we're all lifelong learners and I believe in your skills! I've also provided a guide on how to get a domain&host your website.

Anyway I digress... What I want to convey with my ramblings on this site: What I want to state as a fact must come from an reputable source (peer review references, cross-references from other sources etc...) As I earlier stated, I'm an academic and I want to prove it in my endless ramblings.

I have read the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and I must say I enjoyed the philosophy presented: Stoicism