Paintings, digital editings, photographs & AI faces

As of 16th of October 2022 I've painted 84 paintings. I've given away 25 of the paintings and reserved 2 to be given away. Paintings that were given away have their title bolded and reserved in italics. If by any chance YOU want to buy a physical painting (that is not reserved or given away) contact me on Twitter📨

Most paintings are A3-sized unless otherwise stated. All paintings have an autograph and a date, a name and a description for the painting written behind them. Most of the text is in English.

All NFT's include a name and a description. The images lead to the NFT's marketplace, most are on Tezos.


faceꜩ - Just another profile picture collection. AI & Human generated profile pictures

AI abstractus ARF - Pollo and the machine creates art.

Pollomoolokki🧑‍🎨 - ETH collection on Foundation, made with Manifold xyz